So much to tell so little time

It has been a while since I have been on this thing.
I don’t really find much use of it but I guess I should update you all with what’s happening in my life.
I have an amazing new girlfriend Amanda
Iv lost some friends but well worth it if they treat me like crap an use and abuse me there not worth keeping anyway.
My life has been through so much upwards and downwards spirals but now life is finally perfect
Even with the loss I have gained so much and I have never been happier.
I am applying for work and hope to be employed soon.
Prove all you fuckers that i can handle a job and girlfriend n everything else with it.

I don’t care what anyone says anymore you hurt me or the ones I love an you will be cut from my life for good.


so its been a while since iv used tumblr i see nothing has changed not even how boring it is but its better then updating over and over again on facebook and having people get pissy at you!

i am moving back to newcastle on friday!

i am so keen being in sydney has been good but i know i can’t not live in newcastle no matter how shit people say it is!

its a pretty amazing place!

i have no idea if i should keep using this or just delete it?

Last night was meant to be the best time of my life.
Instead it was the worst I had never wanted anything so badly all I wanted was one family outing where It didn’t cause shit but that didn’t happen I spent the whole night crying my sister went and slept on her apartment floor because she was to upset to stay here!
I just wanted one night JUST ONE FUCKING NIGHT!

So last night we had a bonfire >_

So last night we had a bonfire >_

Situation gone from bad to worse to good

So since I last blogged whenever that was there has been some crazy hectic drama. It was caused because of a simple mis understanding and it turned out of control like. I am now living in sydney hoping I never have to go back to Newcastle anytime soon. I have realized a lot and learnt who my true friends where. Those who can’t be happy for me aren’t worth my time catchya cunts

raters/goss sites

are fucking pathetic and stupid

made by low lifes that have none.

if i find out who posted a thing about my friends mum in a goss site i will kill them

especially what was posted was so fucking rude.

you all need to grow up.

that is all.


your all a bunch of fuckwits.

i can not trust a single one of you without having rumour’s

posted all over the internet about it.

im sick to death of this i can not wait to get away and escape this bullshit.

blocking people on facebook

blocking people on my phone.

i do not care.

i hate most of you just though i would share


this week has been extremely productive

iv been to sydney

met some lovely people

but also turns out that i need help not just physically, but mentally.

i know it is odd to admit but i think there is something really wrong with me D:

i am already broke,

and am hating it i did not get the job i applied for which they assured id get!

but shit happens.

i hate most things about my life



i am so confused about so many mixed emotions.

i don’t know what to do.

and how to react.

it is just like i want to express so many things but i feel as if i do whoever i tell them to wont care.

well not really.